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What is intelliflow?

As part of the workflow program intelliFlow®, this specific design describes Mortgages processing. With intelliFlow® Mortgages (“iHyp”), the mediation part is highly automated for smooth processing and correct digital file construction. Communication between employee and the client is optimized through various channels such as mail, web and SMS.

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A good start is half the battle: compiling a digital service agreement at lightning speed and without errors. Fully adjustable rate model, digital signing, possibility with linking accounting system


The intelligent of intelliFlow include the various triggers that initiate important actions, automatically activate processes and alert users to points of attention. One of the most important parts of the success.

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What is it all about? The relation. That is why the secure and careful recording of relationship data is essential. Basic data, communication details, preferences, ongoing correspondence, automatic notifications and messages, etc. form the basis of what we call "customer delight".


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Search for the metric in data. With great attention to the business processes and with good practical knowledge and insights, we like to let AI make a soft entry into the world today. On the basis of Machine Learning, we help your organization to make choices such as “which of these 25 new applications do I start now?”, “Who would be the best lender here?”.

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Customer portal

The safe center for communication, actions and exchange of data. Where more and more tasks will be automated in the backend, we make it increasingly easier for the relationship to work together on good file creation. Based on the latest communication tools, short lines are laid for smooth processing

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A minimal requirement of today's systems is the ability to connect. With other systems and with other data sources. intelliFlow connects with the telephone system BNA (BestNextAction), data storytelling (YourCommerce) and your existing systems such as ANVA, CCS, QIS etc.