Best Next Action

What is Best Next Action? InTouch Best Next Action puts the right focus on your customer, for both inbound and outbound communication processes. Most customers value the right attention more than a simple discount on products or services.
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A Must Have For Your Company

This application tells you who is calling and what questions are most relevant for this customer!

% Less costs
% more sales
Predictive analytics put into practice

The strength of inTouch Best Next Action is to be found both ‘under the bonnet’ on the BNA server, and in the smart BNA app. A powerful app that enables your employees to focus on the customer while having important customer information readily at hand in the form of insights, hints and advise. And by carefully collecting more and more (meta-) data, your organisation is getting smarter, stronger and faster.

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Unique selling points

- Having effective customer contact.
- Increased product conversion.
- Improved customer delight (NPS) score’s by actively working on results.

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Up and running in no time!

- System fully operational within 2 to 6 weeks.
- Secure cloud or on premise hosting.
- Complete customer and product views.
- During implementation your first campaigns can be configured for an immediate start.

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- Build for telephony, chat, mail and social media.
- Full integration option (API) with existing systems.
- Easy connectivity with external data sources.